Operations Engineer

  • Software Development
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Operations Engineer

Job description

How would you latency balance a multi-continent distributed database? Database latency suddenly jumped up by 300%, what would be your first guess? A component of your Terraform deployment requires a short living authentication token, how are you handling the secret?

About us:

At Corti, we have a proven life saving technology that augments emergency medical dispatcher decisions with machine learning. We envision a near future where all emergency dispatchers around the globe are augmented by our intelligence. We are proud to say that the engineers at Corti are saving lives. A life saving engineer is dedicated, seeks for real purpose and is obsessed with excellence. We don't need the ninjas and wizards, we need people who own every aspect of their work at any time. 

To get there, we solve problems that go beyond picking the right text editor. The engineering team at Corti owns the entire stack, from live audio capture, real time audio processing and classification using machine learning models to the hardware on the dispatchers desk, the servers in the basement and the right cloud strategy. 

We pick our team members carefully in order to maintain our culture of excellence. We look for complementing skills and characters and care less about your degree, certifications and experience. You can't hide behind your screen as we are a team that believes in communication and collaboration across all departments at Corti.


You can solve problems and you can proof it to us. You are better at estimating system usage patterns than remembering the exact implementation of quicksort. A new problem stimulates your creativity rather than your hippocampus. Working cross domain is a bonus for you and you are eager to widen your horizon.

While we have a core set of tools, programming languages and concepts we work with, we will definitely going to ask you to learn something new. Never deployed a machine learning model to production? This will change. Writing a parser for a network protocol? It will happen. Transitioning a customer to the cloud? The sky isn't the limit for us. 

  • You have an extensive monitoring, stats tracking and alerting tool box.
  • You have extensive Linux experience. 
  • You have experience with distributed and or relational databases. 
  • You are looking for a position that allows you to evolve as an engineer.
  • You either have experience with Golang or a proven track record of learning new programming languages quickly. 

We are committed to bringing in top talent from all sectors and countries. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. The position is full time and starts as soon as possible at our offices in Copenhagen.